Our turn!

The story of Penny and Alfie Pangolin’s journey has ended. But life has not ended yet! We might not be able to do anything for Tom, as trilobites have been extinct for millions of years. But we still have a chance to save the others from extinction.

So, now it is our turn to do something! What do you think we can do to help Penny, Alfie and their friends to live peacefully? What do you think humans should do to keep the balance of the natural world? Spread the idea of wildlife and environmental care to as many people as you can!


Dear friends…


It is not easy for Penny and Alfie to decide whether they will stay with Putra and the other pangolins, or continue their journey around the world. They still want to explore other places and meet other animals; but they also feel very happy to have a new family here. They think and think untill finally they decide to stay for a while! And so life goes on for Penny and Alfie and their new family in Sumatra.

One nice sunny day, Alfie lies back on his bed in his new house and writes postcards for the friends he met travelling around the world. Continue reading

Alfie and Penny’s adventure to Newfoundland

Continuing their journey to the north, Penny and Alfie arrive in Newfoundland. This is a Canadian island off the east coast of North America. It is much colder here than Penny and Alfie’s home. In January, it can be as cold as -23°C on the island!

Alfie rides on Penny’s back to stay warm as they walk. After a while, Penny sees a group of animals on the ice. She is unsure of what they are and if they are friendly, so she approaches carefully. Continue reading

Alfie and Penny meet Juan the Turtle


Penny and Alfie’s next stop is a beach in Havana, Cuba. They notice how very beautiful it is here and how warm it is.

As they walk along the beach, Alfie suddenly notices a dark round object on the coast line, from a faraway distance. He thinks it may be a suitcase with treasure, so he runs quickly towards it. But when he stops in front of it, he finds actually it’s just a four legged animal, with its head outside of a hard cover. Continue reading

Alfie and Penny meet their first friend

Entry 2

Penny and Alfie continue on their journey along the Northumberland coast near Howick. Walking along the coastline, Alfie trips over a rock and hurts his foot. Suddenly, a voice apologises to them, but there is no one there. Stunned, Penny and Alfie look for where the voice came from, but see nothing but rocks around them. Then, looking down, Penny and Alfie see Tom the Trilobite, preserved as a fossil in the rock below them. Continue reading